Rio Kleding Atelier Fulfill All Types Of Clothing Alterations

Rio Kleding Atelier repairs all kind of clothing and textile since 1988. Our tailoring company is a family business, which has been passen on from father to son. Every day, Rio Kleding Atelier attracts customers who want to have their new or used clothes repaired or shortened. With a smile they pick up their clothes again.

That trouser which needed to be shorten, fits now perfect!

Rio Kleding Atelier vind je in de Marnixstraat in Amsterdam.

Over 25 years of experience

Laat je favoriete jasje repareren bij Rio Kleding Atelier in Amsterdam.

machines of high quality

Een maatpak van hoge kwaliteit Italiaanse stof



A tailoring company which gives you professional advice and fast service 

When you're wearing your favorite clothing, you will feel and look good.  Do you need to alter you shirt, trouser or dress?  The team of Rio are ready to repair it to something new.  At the end of the day you will be going home with a complete new wardrobe.  Would you like to know more?

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  • Shorten sleeves

    € 29,50

  • Lenghten sleeves

    € 34,50

  • Take in or let out side seams

    € 34,50

  • Button holes

    € 5,00

    (per buttonhole)


  • Shorten lenght

    € 9.50

  • Slimming

    € 25,00

  • Take in/out waistband

    € 14,50


  • Shorten

    € 15,00

  • Waistband + take in side seams

    € 22,50


  • New lining

    € 32,50



  • Shorten sleeves

    € 17.50

  • Take in side seams

    € 22,50

  • Shorten lenght

    € 12,50


  • Front seams

    € 8,50


  • Zipper

    € 29,50


Don't you see the alterations you are looking for?

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Your wardrobe with new fashion!

Have you ever seen a clothing on a catwalk or magazine and thought: I want this?  But you aren't able to find that clothing at any store?  Create that same look at Rio for andvantageous price.

Rio Kleding Atelier maakt jouw eigen design werkelijkheid.

Rio Kleding Atelier

Marnixstraat 115
1015 VJ Amsterdam

Kvk: 33205675


 020 62 65 095  

Opening hours

Monday 08:00 - 18:00

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