Rio Kleding Atelier has been repairing and recreating clothing since 1988. Our tailorshop is a family business, passed on from father to son. Every day customers in the Marnixstraat pass by to have their new or used clothes repaired or shortened. With a smile they pick up their clothes again. Those pants that weren't comfortable, is perfect now. Or that one dress that was just too long? Fits excellent! We also make tailor-made suits of the finest quality fabrics from Italy. We tailor each suit to your exact dimensions.

Have your own tailor-made design

Would you like advice on a new design that you have in mind? Everything is possible. For example, bring that picture of your favorite star in that beautiful outfit. We can make the exact same clothes. Do you want to know the possibilities?

Rio Kleding Atelier repairs clothing of all kinds of fabric

Do you also throw your clothes away if there is a hole in it or if the zipper is broken? What a waste! We give your clothes a second life. We also know what to do with leather, fur or suede. We repair all types of clothing, such as:

 Trousers
 Jackets
 Coats
 Tailor-made suits
 Wedding dresses and suits

You can visit us for all kind of clothing repairs. We shorten pipes and sleeves or make them longer. Are you not able to make it before closing time? No problem. Give us a call and we will look for the possibilities.

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Monday- Friday                   08.00-18.00

Saturday                              09.00-17.00 

Sunday                                Closed


Rio Kleding Atelier
Marnixstraat 115-A
1015 VJ Amsterdam

Kvk: 33205675


T: 020 62 65 095