A Suit From Rio Kleding Atelier Makes The Man

While wearing a suit you show off confidence and you look decent. But not every suit does that to you. Why not a suit that is unique according to your style with fabrics of the highest quality? Have your custome customized at the Marnixstraat in Amsterdam.

A measure made suit

A random costume from a store is not made specifically for you. Do you recognize when your sleeves are to long, your trousers are to wide or that your suit does not fit well? Then visit Rio Kleding Atelier. We make the perfect tailor-made suit for an advantegous price. Would you like to know more?

We take your measurements in our store and discuss your wishes. We have a wide collection of beautiful fabrics where you can choose from. When your suit is ready you can come and fit it. Then we carry out corrections if necessary. Are you not able to wait to have your own tailor-made suit?

Fabrics from Italy with high quality

Italy is known for their sence of fashion and their eye for quality. All our fabrics come specially from Italy, so that we can make the perfect tailor-made suit for you. Also do our fabrics consist of high quality and therefore it ensures the perfect wearing comfort.

Most of our fabrics consist of 100% wool. This will make your suit feel lighter and the fabric will provide more flexibility.