The perfect fit

Have you also faced problems with confection shirts? Like the sleeves are to long or to short, the shoulderseem is not right, the size can be to big or to small or there is not much choice in fabics. We offer you the opportunity to compose your own tailored shirt, according to your wishes and needs.

A tailored shirt gives you the perfect fit. In addition, this is also ideal for people who have a larger size or a different posture. This way you can choose, when composing your shirt, of different cuffs, models, different hems, the color of you stitching and much more!

The perfect shirt for every occassion

Quality is the key

A tailor-made shirt has to fit perfectly according to your posture, consist of high quality and it should reflect your style. A perfect tailored shirt is never seen as an unnecessary luxury, because it gives you the opportunity to show off your your style and confidence.

We offer fabrics which consist of high quality. It is important to us that you walk around with a satisfied shirt that also lasts for a long time.
All our fabrics contains of 100% cotton.

Are you looking for a shirt that fits well and measure-made? Rio Kleding Atelier offers measure-made shirts high quality. You can also compile your own measure-made shirt completely as you wish!